Employee Spotlight: Meet Angie

Angie has been a Paycom software developer since August 2013. Recently, I reached out and asked her to share her story.

Before working at Paycom, describe your experience as a woman in the technology field.

I have worked at several other companies as the only woman or one of very few women in software development.

How does Paycom’s experience differ from other companies for woman in technology?

I have watched Paycom hire many female developers over my time and now have more females than the national average in tech!”

What opportunities does Paycom provide to women in its technology departments?

Every person here is treated the same, regardless of gender.

How has Paycom played to your strengths?

We are constantly improving our application at Paycom. We use creative thinking to take our software a step beyond our competitors. Communication is key on my team, as we deal firsthand with client and benefit carriers.

How has Paycom positively affected your career in technology?

Paycom is constantly evolving technology. I am always learning new coding and software techniques.

Discuss your Paycom team and how they respect you as a woman in tech.

My team actually has more women than men. Nevertheless, each person is treated with the upmost respect.

Talk about the pride that stems from working as a woman in technology at Paycom.

Every person is treated equally, no matter your race, gender or age. You earn respect based on your talent and knowledge.

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