Employee Spotlight: Meet Matt

Matt is a sales rep out of our Seattle office and has been with Paycom since December 2014.

When asked who he would have a mentor session with he said, “I would choose Bill Gates because he is a man of vision. If there is no vision, then there is no direction and ultimately, no success.”

If you want to learn more about Paycom, connect with Matt on LinkedIn.

MattDescribe what you do.

I am the face of an organization that strives to help businesses become more efficient in running their company.  Every day I search for businesses that need Paycom’s services because their day-to-day practices are antiquated.  Once I identify them, I set up individual meetings and help by discovering how Paycom can streamline their operations and make HR and payroll employees jobs easier. The tools do exist and it’s important to show that a company with a firm customer-oriented mission is willing to partner with them to provide it.

What advice would you give a new intern or sales rep for being successful at Paycom?

My advice is to always have a positive attitude. The job is hard. There will be good days and bad days. The key is to always maintain the mindset that every day is an opportunity, regardless of what happened yesterday. Every day is a chance to do better and be better. Learn from the past, live in the moment and build for the future.

What is your favorite “Paycom Perk?”

My favorite “Paycom Perk” is the in-person training sessions with my peers from around the country. These training sessions are essential for me and my colleagues to stay in touch and maintain a close connection, so we never feel isolated in our jobs. We all have experiences that we can share and that allows us to learn from each other. We never stop learning and I think that is what makes us the best.

What is your greatest accomplishment at Paycom?

My greatest accomplishment is a toss-up between my first deal and my largest deal. Both deals were adrenaline rushes because they were the culmination of a lot of hard work.  Since I had never been in sales, I had a lingering concern that I wouldn’t be able to perform at the Paycom standard, but I never let that apprehension prevent me from driving forward.  It was that drive that kept me focused.  My diligent preparation in knowing all aspects of my deals gives my customers great confidence in me and Paycom.

What’s the one word you would choose to describe yourself, and why?Matt

Technological, because I have always wanted to know how things work. As a toddler, I would take my toys apart to see the inner workings. From that stage, I moved to the home chemistry set and mixing ingredients together to see what would happen. Some of the ingredients did not mix well so consequently, I set the smoke detectors off many times in our home. I have always been fascinated by technology, which is what led me to engineering  and then Paycom.

What is the best thing about living in Seattle?

The best thing about Seattle is the diverse landscape. There are mountains only a short drive away that are perfect for hiking, or you can take a boat out on the Sound to catch Dungeness crabs. Yes, we deal with a cloudy, wet weather pattern but that provides us with and expansive, lush landscape. You can’t beat Seattle on a sunny day.

In sales, you have to suit up every day – where is your go-to Suit Shop?

Jos A. Bank is my suit shop of choice. They have a large selection of different suits and accessories for all occasions.  I can count on them to have what I need to be well-dressed in the workplace.