Intern Spotlight: Meet Joe

To celebrate National Internship Awareness Month, I reached out to two of Paycom’s Jr. Executive interns, Joe and Carly. Today, Joe shares his story.

Describe what you do.

It is my job to help our sales representatives in the Orange County office sell Paycom’s payroll and HR solution to prospects. Specifically, I set appointments for the reps in our office via phone canvassing, in-person drops and email communication with prospective clients. I also prospect and add new contacts to the CRM. However, my favorite aspect of the internship with Paycom is the opportunity to meet clients. I can go on sales calls and see Paycom’s fantastic sales process happen in real-time. Ultimately, I wear many hats that allow me to add value to the team.

Employee Spotlight: Meet JoeWhat advice would you give a new intern for being successful at Paycom?

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. I took this opportunity with Paycom because I wanted to challenge myself professionally and develop my current skillset. With this internship, if you are positive and bring your very best every single day, then you will add value and gain the respect of your peers and manager.


What’s the one word you would choose to describe Paycom, and why?

Winner. The word ”winner” best describes Paycom because the people who work at Paycom win. They win every day in everything they do, and I have seen that first-hand through trainings, sales calls and feedback from prospects. Paycom sales reps are experts in their field and that’s easy for anyone to see.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be, and why?

A cheeseburger, French fries and shake would be my meal of choice. California’s In-N-Out Burger is my favorite place to eat in the entire world. They have perfected their craft, and I actually wish I could eat an In-N-Out meal every day for the rest of my life. Although, if I do that, I may need to increase the duration of my workouts!

Where has been your favorite place to travel, and why?

Vietnam. I loved getting out of my comfort zone and experiencing a completely different culture than that of the United States. Vietnam’s landscape is beautiful and the food is delicious.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

Snowboarding, by far.  I love getting on the mountain and competing with my friends, doing new tricks and jumps. Although there is not much snow in southern California, I love traveling to beautiful places like Lake Tahoe or Mammoth Mountain every winter! I also love playing sports with friends at the beach or local parks. I have a very competitive friend group made up of collegiate athletes. We have a lot of fun throwing the football around, tossing a baseball or playing a pick-up game of soccer.

Employee Spotlight: Meet Joe