Interview Tips From Paycom Leadership – Part 2

Paycom is home to a diverse group of thought-leaders, and we’re fortunate to be able to ask a few members of our leadership team for their best interview advice. Get ready to take some notes, job-hunters!

Dickens Aubourg, Director of Product Management

Ensure you articulate what you are passionate about in life, why you have that passion and how it translates to the job and outcomes.


Sam Norman, Senior Executive Vice President of Sales

Prepare to tell your story and really highlight your journey as a performer, whether that was in college or as a working professional. We are looking for people who have demonstrated excellence in multiple areas of their life. That could be education, extracurricular activities or athletics. The more you can go back and prepare to illustrate those examples very specifically and think about how that might parallel with what we are looking for will be the most effective.


Kesha Jones, Manager of Banking

Meditate before you go to an interview to center yourself. When you’re centered, it’s easier to be present and represent yourself authentically. I always think about interviews in the way that I want my daily work life to be. If I can’t be myself in the interview, will I be comfortable being myself when I show up to work every day? If you’re being interviewed, it’s because your unique experiences appear to be valuable to the company. All that’s left after that is to present yourself and your body of work authentically; if you can show up as yourself, then there’s nothing to hold you back once you start!


Did you learn something that might set you apart from the competition in your next interview? We’ll have more advice from the senior members of the Paycom team coming soon, so watch future blogs for ways to strengthen your interviewer skills.

While you’re discovering valuable new interview strategies, consider putting them to use and applying for a position at Paycom.