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Being a Paycom sales rep isn't just a job. It's a statement about who you are and the life of grand success you have chosen to lead.

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—Jeff York, Chief Sales Officer

As a sales executive at Paycom, you work directly with key executives to create business solutions using our technology.

Once you join the team, you’ll receive award-winning training so you’re prepared to meet goals and have unlimited opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

We offer two exciting and unique sales roles.

Define your future by joining one of these growing teams:

Our Training

Paycom sales training is truly comprehensive. You will be developed and mentored by our strongest executives. Our ongoing training provides all the tools you need to succeed throughout your career, enabling you to consult with decision-makers in virtually every facet of business.

Learn About Outside Sales Executive Training +

  • Initial Baseline Training+

  • New sales reps learn our sales process during five weeks of initial training, known as precorporate and an additional week of corporate training. During these initial training periods, there are extensive role-playing simulations, as well as an in-depth instructional course on our application.

    • Product Training+

    • Knowledge is part of what makes sales representatives at Paycom so special. As a sales representative, you will be required to become certified in our product. Because this is so critical, new hires spend four weeks learning the product to better serve the executive business community.

    • Executive Mental Management Skills+

    • Training is not just focused on the sales process; it’s also focused on developing great professionals who have the right mindset. Having the proper mental management strategy enables our reps to reach a high level of success in their careers and life.

    • Business School+

    • During the four weeks of training, new hires receive four Monday-afternoon sessions of business academia. Subjects range from understanding corporate politics to understanding financial-analysis tools for projects and investments. Business school training is also a part of ongoing training throughout your career at Paycom.

  • Secondary School for New Hires+

  • This training is for representatives who have been in the field for at least six months. The representatives are invited and flown to an upscale destination to fine-tune their skills and to engage in professional-development activities.

  • Executive Representative Training+

  • After sales representatives have achieved success, they are invited to quarterly trainings. Representatives are flown to an upscale destination for three days of sales training and team building activities with fellow executive representatives and managers.

Learn About Account Executive Training +

  • New Hire Training Overview+

  • New Account Executives learn our sales process throughout eight total weeks of baseline training upon hire. During this initial training period, there is extensive role-playing and in-depth product training as well as the opportunity to shadow client meetings with our tenured reps.

  • New Hire Training Details – Product & Business Operations+

  • Knowledge is the key differentiator that makes our sales teams at Paycom stand out. As a new Account Executive, you will become certified in our products in addition to completing coursework in business operations, giving you a competitive advantage when speaking to C-level executives and business owners in your client portfolio. Because this is so critical, new hires spend four weeks in this segment of baseline training to better serve the executive business community.

  • Secondary School+

  • This training is for Account Executives who have been in the field for at least six months. These Account Executives are invited and flown to an upscale destination to fine-tune their skills and to engage in professional-development activities.

    All representatives are flown to an upscale destination four times a year for two days of ongoing training and team building with their peers and managers as well. At this training, they build additional skills necessary for implementations and learn new skills to utilize at their home office.

Our Culture

Paycom employees work as hard as they play. They thrive on collaboration, yet flourish in an environment that champions their individuality and encourages their personal development.

Our sales and account executives are very competitive, and we live to celebrate their success with fun events, such as the monthly Winners’ Circle dinner and the annual President’s Club retreat to a different location each year.

We carry the spirit of winning with us in everything we do, as our many workplace accolades attest. One of Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in the world, we’re also an Employees’ Choice Award winner in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work rankings.

And Paycom knows the importance of giving back to the community. Supported by employee giving and corporate matching, we donate to nonprofits across the country to help our neighbors in need. It’s just one way we live our core value to serve with passion and purpose.

Our Benefits

We believe our employees are the sum of our successes, which is why we offer an excellent health and benefits program to them.

Are You Ready?